Version6 release
We started to supply version6.
New functions are;
1. Fast sweep (5000V/sec @10mV interval)
2. IR measurement & compensation
3. New techniques
a. intermittent GEIS & intermittent PEIS
c. Potentiostatic Ru measurement & Galvanostatic Ru measurement
d. Fast CV & Fast sweep
4. CC-CV, CP-CV,Crate-CV, CL-CV control modes added
5. Automatic feedback speed control in EIS.
6. Zero offset function

Digital CV simulation software update
You can download recent version SIM4u ver2.0 Beta 13 on software download page.
ZIVE SP1 incudes full software package
We supply ZIVE SP1 with full software package (EIS,BAT,COR,EAS) as standard configuration from Feb 1st, 2015.
For details, please contact local distributor.

ZMAN version2.32 update
- Open File Dialog: Filters are applied. Filter selectors are WonATech files, Text files, and Others.
- IVIUM's linear sweep data(*.ids) can be imported with its potential values.

- Bio-Logic's raw data file(*.mpr) can be imported.

ZMAN version2.3 f2 update
ZMAN can read palmsens ( EIS data format.
You can download this version on

Digital CV simulation software (freeware)
You can download this freeware on support- software download page
SM version 5.5 released
You can download new version on support-software download page.
When you install this software, you must upload related firmware.

New model (MP1) launched
SP1's multichannel version (ZIVE MP1).
Two types of housing (4 channel housing and 8 channel housing) are available.

SP1 portable version (ZIVE PP1e)
PP1 portable electrochemical workstation was discountinued.
PP1e portable electrochemical workstation is spin off model from SP1.
This model can be equiped with Li ion battery pack.

New Model Announcement (ZIVE SP1)
We introduce economic electrochemical workstation ZIVE SP1.
Please refer to product information page